In the year 2000, right after collaborating on their underground smash "Sugar Hell No!" on the indie label ABB records, Superstar Quamallah and Tajai foresaw a changing tide in Hip Hop music. In the spirit of early collaborations like the Gravediggaz, the duo distinguished themselves as Supastar and Status and formed the SUPASTARS - a couple trash-talking, bank-robbing supermen from the hood. Not realizing how accurate their predictions would be they created an album entitled "Hood Famous" even before Cash money published "Hood Rich" or Fabolous permanetly altered the English lexicon. They spoke of driving te Hummer H2 two years prior to its existence or knowledge of its soon-to-be popularity. Their motto was to go all-out, even beyond the diamond-laced chain wearing and gun-toting "rappers" of today. Before "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," the SUPASTARS made "Roc n' Robbin'" in which they vividly explain how they rob banks. Even what may appear to be an affectionate love song, "Lady Killas," when listened to closely is a tale of two hit men completing a job. The album was originally set to be released on ABB records but its intensity and portrayal of what was soon to come possibly led to it being shelved. Nonetheless, "Hood Famous: was purposely crafted on eight tracks right in the bedroom to give it that rich, Hip Hop sound composed of classic soul samples, drum machine and Ensoniq keyboard beats. The album definitely gave Quamallah and Tajai the opportunity to express different aspects of their lives and personalities that few know about. From Tajai's gun collection to Quamallah's lobe of violent action films, the duo goes from almost scary to straight-out hilarious from one song to the next. Though their individual music projects may sound different, what stays consistent is their approach to lyrical quality, creativity and messages between the lines. Ele years later, one can now listen and judge for oneself how accurate the "Hood Famous" prediction may be.
- J. Patton, April 2007


released April 21, 2007

Produced and cuts by Superstar Quamallah, lyrics by Tajai and Superstar Quamallah.



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TAJAI Oakland, California

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